Why Trump’s $1 trillion promise to deliver infrastructure jobs may not happen this year

From the Washington Post: President Trump’s pledge to create a program that funds $1 trillion in new infrastructure programs has kicked off with ­numerous meetings but few firm decisions, beset by understaffing, bureaucratic challenges and major questions about how to pay for everything.

Trump promised in a February speech to Congress that a $1 trillion infrastructure rebuilding plan would create “millions of new jobs,” but few of those jobs are expected to materialize this year, because no firm deadlines have been set and much of the planning could spill into 2018.

Despite those challenges, the White House’s infrastructure team has become one of its broadest task forces, with Trump considering it a central plank of his promise to create more jobs. He has activated a team of White House and Cabinet agency officials to identify a wide range of infrastructure projects across the United States and come up with a way to fund them, launching the internal deliberations to design the $1 trillion package he promised on the campaign trail.

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