McCarter Boasted that Communist China’s Low Wages and Lack of Benefits are, “A Capitalist’s Dream”

In 2005, McCarter Bragged Of Outsourcing His Company’s Manufacturing To China. “A metro-east business is riding the wave of China’s industrial revolution.  Kyle McCarter, president of Custom Product Innovations in Lebanon, has developed close ties with Chinese manufacturers. He uses those connections to bring Asian goods to the Midwest and to distribute them all over the country.  ‘I go to China four to six times a year to visit with our manufacturers,’ said ‘It’s a capitalist’s dream over there.’  McCarter, who also serves as a St. Clair County Board member, said Chinese factories are booming. The newfound success has created state-of-the-art factories that churn out products for export.” (SOURCE – Scott Wuerz, “East Meets Metro-East,” Belleville News-Democrat, 8/8/2005)

  • SOURCE – McCarter: “It’s A Capitalist’s Dream Over There.” (Scott Wuerz, “East Meets Metro-East,” Belleville News-Democrat, 8/8/2005)

And he wants to be your Congressman?