Kankakee Daily Journal: Illinois Job Climate Only Discourages Growth

Kankakee Daily Journal Editorial — “Even as the nation gained more than 2.6 million jobs in 2015, Illinois lost 3,000.”

That news came in a January announcement by the Illinois Department of Employment Security …

Leading the way in job losses was the manufacturing sector. Illinois lost 14,000 manufacturing jobs, according to a story by the Illinois News Network. There were gains in business service jobs. Likely what that means is that, in addition to actually losing jobs, we traded some high-paying manufacturing jobs for those in the more modest-paying service sector.

At this rate, Illinois now will be able to say that it finally recovered from the 2008 recession by September 2017. There is then, this irony about having an Illinois president. Even as Barack Obama’s presidential library heads to Chicago, the Obama presidential years have been lost ones for the Illinois economy.

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