Investor’s Business Daily: Illinois Is The Sick Man Of America; Will Bruce Rauner Save It?

From Investor’s Business Daily — llinois is America’s biggest basket case: Over $150 billion in unfunded retirement liabilities. The worst overall fiscal condition of any state. Two governors and a raft of other public officials sent to prison. Corruption that costs every citizen more than $1,300 a year.

Job growth that trails all surrounding states. The slow-motion liquidation of Downstate’s manufacturing economy. Over 300,000 more people fleeing the state just since 2010. The venal and bankrupt political class of both parties created this toxic mess. Those who benefited served as enablers, including public employees, unions and the big business interests who always seemed to cut a better side deal of subsidies for themselves.

Enter Bruce Rauner. An independently wealthy financier, he was elected governor as a Republican in 2014 on his second attempt, with a promise to shake up Springfield and start fundamentally reforming the state.

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