Do you ever wonder why Evan  Bayh wants to take a big salary cut from being a DC powerbroker to run for the U.S. Senate?



According to published reports, Evan Bayh doesn’t even know his Indiana address!

From Independent Journal, Aug. 23, 2016:

Evan Bayh, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Indiana, incorrectly stated his own address Saturday, lending further credence to accusations he is disconnected from the Hoosier state.”


Claim 1:

Wealthy DC  lobbyist Evan Bayh wants you to believe he lives in a small condo in Indiana–worth about $53,000.

But in reality, he and his wife own SEVERAL multi-million dollar homes, including a mansion in Washington DC…

…and a luxury penthouse in Key Biscayne, Florida:

According to published reports, the annual property taxes for the penthouse are HIGHER than the $53,000 Bayh paid for his entire home in Indiana!


And he wants you to believe he STILL considers Indiana ‘home?’

Claim 2:

Evan Bayh sheepishly claims he’s been a “strategic advisor” these past few years, and even puts that down as his job title at the powerful DC firm at which he’s been employed:

Bayh has even publicly DENIED that he’s a lobbyist (emphasis added):

“Bayh… said he’s never been a lobbyist and shifted away from questions about his post-Senate career.”

–Chicago Tribune, July 13, 2016

But here’s what the Democrat-leaning Huffington Post calls Bayh:

And HuffPo isn’t alone in calling him by the correct title. A Google search of “Evan Bayh” and “Lobbyist” produces 119,000 results!

Not a lobbyist? Get real.

Evan Bayh is hoodwinking Hoosiers.

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