Illinois, Hawaii linked by worrying levels of ‘flight’ from state

From Illinois News Network: What do Honolulu and Chicago have in common? For that matter, what do Hawaii and Illinois?

The policy director for a Hawaii-based think tank recently found a troubling connection between the two cities and states that are separated by more than 4,000 miles: They are among a minority experiencing a significant flight of residents.

“We were so fascinated to see that Illinois was one of the states experiencing this problem. On the surface, it seems like Honolulu and Chicago have nothing in common,” Malia Blom Hill, policy director for the Grassroots Institute of Hawaii, told Illinois News Network. “But, obviously, they share more than we realized.”

The observations began in response to reactions of former Hawaii residents to a video produced by the Institute, Hill told Illinois News Network in an email. The video focused on the island state’s population loss. After reading residents’ take on why they left Hawaii, however, the Institute decided to look more closely into other areas experiencing similar outmigration.

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