Forbes: The Price of Illinois’ Mass Exodus

Forbes — For yet another year, the most common view of Illinois is in the rear-view mirror. United Van Lines just released its annual “National Movers Study,” which examines the number of inbound moves to and outbound moves from all 50 states. The majority of Illinois moves – 63.2% – are outbound. The only states with a more abysmal outbound move rate are New Jersey and New York (at 66.6% and 64.6%, respectively).

Mark Fitten, of the Illinois News Network, reported that a substantial amount of the loss owes to Illinois’ burdensome tax structure and economic volatility. David Yepsen, Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, said that while “businesses don’t like taxes, they hate uncertainty” – and uncertainty definitely hangs heavily over the state of Illinois, with its $111 billion in unfunded pension liabilities and corporate tax rates that rank among some of the nation’s highest.

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