Top Five Reasons NPF Supports Bob Dold for Congress

• Fiercely Independent

Bob Dold has repeated shown a bipartisan approach that focuses on what’s good for the nation and the 10th Congressional District—not what’s politically expedient. Bob Dold does what’s right for his constituents…NOT what his party wants him to do.

• Stopping Out-of-Control Spending

Bob Dold understands that in order for the government to afford vital programs the nation needs requires a responsible approach to spending taxpayers’ dollars. Balanced budgets and a bit of fiscal restraint make for a stronger economy, job growth and the ability to afford programs that help those in need. It’s the type of Economics 101 lesson that too many in Congress have forgotten.

• Keeping American Safe

A strong supporter of Israel who has learned first hand from that nation about how crucial the US/Israeli partnership is in the era of a nuclear Iran.

• Caring for our Environment

Bob Dold’s first act in Congress was the introduction of the Great Lakes Water Protection Act. In addition to securing funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, he was one of only a handful of Republicans who co-sponsored a resolution to acknowledge and address climate change. [see also: Fiercely independent!]

• Safe Families; Safe Homes

Whether combatting drug abuse or making it harder for criminals to obtain firearms, Bob Dold understands that his actions can have a direct positive effect on the safety of citizens in the 10th District. That’s why Congressman Dold co-chaired the Suburban Anti-Heroin Task Force, and why he’s stepped up on legislation that would help stop domestic abusers and suspected terrorists from obtaining firearms. And Bob Dold was a cosponsor of legislation to provide funding for police officers’ body video camera to help bolster trust between communities and the police who protect them.