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Gov. Rauner Endorses Congressman Shimkus

From Northern Public Radio– Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says 15th District Congressman John Shimkus can play a role in promoting his “Turnaround Agenda” in Washington. Rauner calls Shimkus a model for a party that seeks to help small business owners and farm families. The governor says Shimkus has helped Republicans in their fight against longtime Democratic House Speaker. […]

Fox Illinois: Lawmakers Hear About State’s Economic Outlook

From Fox Illinois — The Committee On Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) heard new estimates on where the state stands financially. Experts testified giving lawmakers a non-partisan look at the real numbers. Revenue is only expected to grow by a little more than $200 million next fiscal year. That’s a 2 percent base growth, which economists say […]

WSJ: How a Less Skilled American Workforce May Be Holding Back Growth

From the WSJ —  Theories abound as to why U.S. productivity growth has stalled. Economists attribute it to everything from a slowdown in business investment to inadequate measurement techniques that fail to capture efficiency gains from new technologies. A recent research note from J.P. Morgan Chase offers another theory: It’s at least partly because the American […]

Ill. Pension Woes Destabilizing Teaching Profession, Analysis Says

From Education Week — Teacher-retirement systems are supposed to provide a measure of security in exchange for years of service. But for new teachers in Illinois, that’s looking increasingly unlikely. Nearly a quarter of newly hired teachers will never vest in the state’s Teacher Retirement System, a new analysis says. What’s more, three quarters won’t even […]

WSJ: Five Trends That Will Shape the Future of the U.S. Economy

From the WSJ — The White House released its annual Economic Report of the President on Monday, which summarizes the state of the economy and also provides insight to what’s on the mind of the president’s top economic advisers. The 400-page report offers a compendium of analysis and tables on a range of topics. Here’s a […]

Chicago Tribune Editorial: Madigan and Cullerton: Eight months. Time’s up. Their choice

Gov. Bruce Rauner addressed the Illinois General Assembly on Wednesday, outlining his plans for next year’s state budget. The poindexters whipped out their calculators. But the crucial takeaway was broader than an exercise in number-crunching: We’re at the end of the road in Springfield. No more pavement, nothing but dirty orange barricades and languid yellow […]

USA Today: Fed’s Yellen cites growing risks to economy

From USA Today — Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen  told Congress Wednesday that global economic troubles and the recent selloff in stocks could rattle the U.S. economy, raising the prospect of a delay in interest rate hikes … Yellen said financial conditions have become “less supportive of growth,” citing higher Interest rates for riskier borrowers and the strengthening dollar, which has hurt exports, […]

Kankakee Daily Journal: Illinois Job Climate Only Discourages Growth

Kankakee Daily Journal Editorial — “Even as the nation gained more than 2.6 million jobs in 2015, Illinois lost 3,000.” That news came in a January announcement by the Illinois Department of Employment Security … Leading the way in job losses was the manufacturing sector. Illinois lost 14,000 manufacturing jobs, according to a story by […]